5. Conclusion

Summary of findings: In conclusion, we are convinced that certain types of music has an positive effect on plant growth such as Jazz, Classical & Dubstep defeated the control plant in many areas. However, rock & country music lost to the control in mass but beat control in height and is the same in the number of leaves. Hence, we can say that music can have a positive and negative effect on plant growth. Jazz had the best plant growth between all the plants. Both Dubstep and Classical effect on plant growth was also very high. Hence, we can conclude by saying that Jazz is the most preferred method for growing plants and should be used in the greenhouse to improve crop growth and yield.

Practical Applications:
Higher Quality Plants and an improvement in the agriculture area
Plants are an essential part of the food chain required by all living things to survive. The world’s growing population has raised the concern of our ability to feed the world’s growing requirements for food in the long term and placed great pressure on our environment and it’s Plant resource. Food demand is expected to increase substantially by the middle of this century. And while the world is rushing to harvest produce numerous quantity of food, people are demanding for higher quality and fresher products. Since we know that some pitches of sound have an positive effect on the growth of plants, our investigation could be proven to be a solution to the global issue. Giving the world better quality plants and might massively impact the agriculture area.  

In countries such as Ethiopia, a country confronted by climate change, population growth and poor agricultural faces food shortage. If the farmers are able to incorporate our idea(using a certain type of sound to improve the growth of the plant) into their daily agricultural activity, this will help produce fresher, more appealing and nourishing plants.

Areas for further study:
How the specific pitches might affect the plants growth, side effects that we may not have seen or recorded, the effects that sound waves have on plants, whether volume should be a considered factor.

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